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Your money hero,
in college & beyond.

Pluto guides you to take doable steps
with your finances in a fun, simple way.

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No more stressful budgets and graphs.
Pluto is how you naturally think about money,
an easy fit into your lifestyle.

How does Pluto work?

Set & track saving goals

Amazing things happen when you’re motivated.
We help you bring them to life.

Take simple challenges, tailored for you

Incremental steps towards your saving goals & better money habits.
Our smart alerts and automatic trackers help you win.

Know where you stand, with others & by yourself

Compare your finances to similar peers, anonymously.
Understand your money habits in natural language.

See the impact of your decisions

Spend less on eating out this week, save the difference towards Coachella 2019.
It’s the power of tradeoffs, visualized.


As secure as your bank

We protect your sensitive account info with bank-level security such as 256-bit TLS encryption, multifactor authentication, passcode and Touch ID. We never store your bank login credentials on our servers. We partner with fintech leaders trusted by popular apps like Venmo and Acorns.

Trusted & loved by students
from 300+ campuses

“Love the concept! The challenges have made me think more about how I spend my money!”

Lilliana E. |

"I really like the gamification of saving money through spending challenges!"

Elaine W. |
Johns Hopkins

"I’m saving for a new laptop; I love being able to save towards it by cutting down on spending somewhere else."

Jun K. |
U. of Michigan

"The gamification really brings attention to where I'm spending! And it's more relatable to our age group."

Dwight J. |

"It’s so relatable, and makes personal finance more accessible and straightforward!"

Emily L. |
UC Berkeley

"A lot of my friends could use this too. We're not accustomed to saving money in college!"

Ashlee P. |

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Our Mission

Your money is more than just numbers. It’s about finding balance between what makes you happy today and tomorrow—whether it be splurges, experiences, daily necessities or freedom from debt. We’re here to help you get there step by step, so you can make the most of your college years and enter the real world on top of your finances.

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